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Keeping backups of your data is incredibly important. Keep and run free backup software on your device in order not to lose anything important. Nowadays, we store so many valuable and important files on our computers without paying attention to security. There are a lot of ways this can happen. Hard drives can fail over time or due to electrical issues. A virus can corrupt or delete files. Or you could simply delete them by accident. Even though there are a lot of recovery software out there, not every one of them are perfect.

It is also expensive to carry out data recovery. Remember, prevention is better than the cure. Making a backup basically means making a copy of the data. If the original data is damaged or lost, you can easily replace it with a copy of the data. The best free backup software will make a copy of all of your files.

Some of them can also back up changes to the files rather than the files themselves, saving even more space. The only thing making backup files cost you is the hard drive or cloud storage space like WeTransfer and WeTransfer alternatives. However, space is very cheap, while losing your data can be expensive. EaseUS develops award-winning Windows data recovery and backup programs.

EaseUS Todo Backup lets you backup files and everything you need to in a few different ways. You can backup selected files individually, or select an entire hard drive to back up. Finally, you can back up your entire operating system. So, if your computer gets bricked, you can simply load the full backup on another computer and keep working from where you left off! That makes this Windows backup tool a great addition to boost your productivity. EaseUS Todo Backup also has scheduling tools for making regular backups without user supervision upon detecting if any changes have been made to a file.

You can back up emails from a Microsoft Outlook account as well. While a lot of the features are locked behind the premium version, free users will get access to all the basic backup functions as well as high speed restoration.

It is extremely feature-rich, with support for all versions of Windows. It offers options to backup files, hard disks or entire systems. You can also set it to make full, incremental or differential backup. The full backup stores everything, while the incremental backup only stores changed files and the differential backup stores the changes made to each file. The backups can be saved to a local disk or external media such as a removable hard disk, flash drive or a cloud storage of your selection.

All these features are available to the users of this free backup software. Paid users get access to more specific and in-depth options as well as additional tools and better tech support. You are probably familiar with Google Drive. It is one of the most popular cloud storage options out there. It also has some additional useful features like the possibility to convert videos.

What you might not know is that they also have a desktop free backup software for backing up and syncing files across your drive and multiple computers. Using Google Drive for Desktop, you can synchronize individual folders. When you sync folders, everything in that folder on your PC will be uploaded to Google Drive, and vice versa.

So even if all the data on your PC is corrupted or lost, you can simply open Google Drive and sync again, returning the original data to your PC. You can also exclude specific file types from syncing, and integrate with various programs like Microsoft Office for real-time editing.

BackUp Maker attempts to simplify the process of making a backup with plenty of features and an easy-to-use interface. This free backup software uses a Wizard to guide users through the step process to backup files and folders.

BackUp Maker also comes with plenty of options for free users, including filtering and excluding particular files, splitting the backup across different physical discs or compressed files, and carrying out various actions immediately before or after the backup. Overall, BackUp Maker offers the users a lot of options and then guides them through using all of them.

It is a great choice as a free backup software for users who want to learn more about the complex features of Windows backup programs. Paragon is normally a developer of enterprise software solutions. They offer the Community Edition of their Backup and Recovery software for free. It allows you to backup files, disk partitions or entire hard drives. Unlike most other free backup programs, Paragon lets you set a scheduler for when to backup files.

Thanks to the backup scheduler, as well as automatic deletion of old backups and version control to ensure that you can revert to an earlier backup, if necessary, Paragon is one of the best free backup software we tried out. Now that you know all about the best free backup software and how to backup files on Windows 10, you will never have to worry about losing your data again.

Each of these Windows 10 backup software will keep your data safe and sound, so be sure to use them! Initially, creating screenshots seems to be quite a simple task — we all have a Print Screen….

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Extensive backup options for files, hard drives and partitions High speed file restoration Can backup the entire operating system to clone it across different PCs. Feature-rich for free users, with various backup and restoration options Some extra tools such as creating boot media and backup images Integrates with Windows Recovery.

Cloud Backup with real-time file syncing Can integrate synced files with Microsoft Office and other programs Buying more storage is cheap. Limited backup options. No options to back up partitions or hard drives Free storage in Google Drive is limited — only 15 GB Free backup software for Google users only. Simple and easy-to-use backup wizard Plenty of options and features for free users Free backup software that supports encryption.

Somewhat outdated and does not support some modern features Can only save backed up data into a physical drive or a.

Users can schedule backup at regular intervals Offers encryption options to secure your data after backing up Backup management tools allow you to modify the backed-up data.



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You may backup files, volumes and disks entirely or pick one at a time. Select the OS partition and you get all the necessary boot partitions. If your operating system crashes, you can recover it easily. Browse them like a normal disk on the computer, recovering separate files. We offer Features System requirements Resources. Community Edition is available completely free for the non-commercial purpose only. Set up automated backups quickly. Adjust backup scenarios. Explore your copies.

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