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As a result, the installer file has been removed on the latest driver version. You are able to install this driver by right-click “silabser. We are in the process of releasing a support VCP driver for Windows 11 version. And, we expect this version of VCP to launch in Quarter 4 – this year. Yes, I will notify you as soon as this version is released. For the moment none driver is working for me on Win I downloaded the ZIP file and opened it.

To understand more about this problem, please provide us some information as below:. As a review; I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 last year.

My Radio control program stopped working and I asked you if Silicon had developed a Windows 11 driver. In April this year I was notified that a Windows 11 driver had been developed. After many tries I was unable to install the driver.

Recently a friend has been trying to help me:. Where are the files located? Before answer your questions, it look like with your Windows has detected your board as a COM port. By the way, regarding your information, It sounds like you are experiencing problems with a third party product a kind of Radio product that integrates a Silicon Labs CPx device, even if you are using a third party tools. In fact, we don’t know their configuration and we don’t know how they use to access a COM port.

Therefore, for the better way, we ask that you contact the original manufacturer of the product, and if necessary, those companies can work with Silicon Labs to resolve driver issues. This policy is explained and there are other tips and techniques described in the following knowledge base article:.

Have you contacted the manufacturer of your device for assistance with this matter? Could you explain how can we install it? There is no. When I try to give the file by right clicking in cp?? Urgently need an answer please, customers are waiting for it to use our device,. That is correct, no install button.

I have tried many times with no luck. Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack However, there is another way that able to help you install this VCP driver, that is to install driver using the PnPUtil tool, please refer the link below for more information. Could you please try to install VCP driver using that way?

View This Post. November 5, at PM. Top Rated Answers. Hope it helps. Regards, Vuong Ngo. All Answers. Thanks so much for the reply. Please let me know when you release it.

John Knight. Me too please. Thanks a lot. Stanislaus Eichstaedt. Which version. What is your Window OS? Recently a friend has been trying to help me: 1. Hi Vuong Ngo, Could you explain how can we install it? Urgently need an answer please, customers are waiting for it to use our device, Thanks.

Ok, thanks, it works perfectly. Glad to hear that from you!! Log In to Answer. Number of Views 3. Number of Views 1. Nothing found. Trending Topics.


CPx Universal Windows Driver Issue with Windows 10 – Silicon Labs.VCP Drivers Features and Benefits


The Silabs chip on the device cp210x driver windows 10 the wwindows information:. No cp210x driver windows 10 what I try, I cannot get the device to work. I keep getting “The device cannot start Code 10 “. I can get the microcontroller to work on my Ubuntu system, with the default installed drivers.

Any ideas of what I can try to get it to work? Unfortunately as a general rule, Silabs don’t support end customer. The reason is that vendor of the product may customize the driver and product though here it looks the Silabs driver should work. I suggest you contact with the vendor cp210x driver windows 10 the product to see if they could help.

You may try this on another PC to see if it still happen. Thank you for your reply. I understand your больше на странице. Contacting the vendor is pointless I think Aliexpress.

A detail that may be of interest to you, I connected the ESP32 through a usb-C-hub, and that resulted in the Code 10 error. Is this a known issue?

View This Post. May 21, at PM. CPx driver does not work Windows I agree with you that this is very strange. I understood that this cp210x driver windows 10 have something to do with the USB power delivery protocol, and that the ESP32 is not getting enough power. Can driveg confirm this? Log In to Answer. Related Questions Nothing found. Trending Topics.


Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge port (COM/LPT/Serial) drivers.Cp210x driver windows 10


M e-Traction asked a question. I installed the CPx windows 10 drivers, but the device won’t start, it keeps giving an errorcode I tried it on another Windows 10 winsows, no problems at all. So I complete uninstalled the device and deleted the drivers, rebooted and installed the drivers again. But no luck, still the errorcode It is strange that it works on one machine and not on the windoows. Some questions. Is this a CPx eval board or a custom board? If it is a custom board, who is the manufacturer?

You could install UVCView and see at what stage the device is failing to enumerate. You can try a different вот ссылка on drivwr “faulty” computer to see cp210x driver windows 10 that fixes it similarly, different USB узнать больше. I followed the steps you mentioned and cp210x driver windows 10 out that at least the USB cable was giving problems.

As it turned out, someone replaced the USB cable the supplier shipped with the device. So I replaced the cable with the one the supplier shipped with it. It turns out to behave rather unpredictable.

I have two screwcounters en two windows 10 laptops to test with. It does not mather which screwcounter I connect to which laptop, I always behaves as described below:. It does not always happen in the order above, it appears to be random.

I followed the steps on how to remove the driver including the PSEXEC regedit trickbut it does not solve my problem. Did you install the VCP driver v Cp210x driver windows 10 not, druver try it from link below. Could you provide more information on your CPx board? Do you have the schematic? View This Post. June 29, at AM. CPx Driver gives errorcode 10 on Windows Does someone have any tips or pointers? Hi, It is strange that it works on one machine and not on the other.

Some questions – 1. You can try a different port on the “faulty” computer to see if that fixes it similarly, different USB cables 4.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. Do you have any idears? Log In to Answer. Related Questions Cp210x driver windows 10 found. Trending Topics.