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Is there a script to rename a Windows computer name during deployment? – Customizing Windows 10 in Audit Mode with Sysprep

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Note: Before you install Windows 10, check to make sure your PC meets the system requirements for Windows We also recommend going to the PC manufacturer’s website for any additional info about updated drivers and hardware compatibility. Mar 03,  · Press Windows logo key + X at the same time. Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu. 2. Type cd WindowsSystem32Sysprep and then press Enter. 3. Type sysprep and then press Enter to open Sysprep GUI mode. 4. Choose Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) and tick the Generalize checkbox. Jan 25,  · In Windows 10, users can no longer enter a computer name during OOBE as the name is auto-generated. To set a default computer name pre-OOBE, OEMs can configure ComputerName in the file and specify a name for the computer. After OOBE, end users can change this default computer name after OOBE by changing it in the System Properties.

Windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download


Endpoint Manager — KenWilde Customer asked a question. I have a deploy template that I am running with the device name prompter with a template selected that I created and following that I have the inject unattend script and I verified the name is updating in the unattend script and incrementing correctly but it is not updating the system name in Windows. Per support this is читать as designed and the computer name can’t be renamed from this but I was wondering if there is a power shell script or another action that can be run to rename the computer in Windows automatically instead of having to open the unattend windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download, look for the computer name and then manually go through the renaming process.

This document covers most of the “gotchas” when using a Device Naming Template:. If you are following the instructions in that document and still running into issues then you need to check that there is not another unattend file on the image that is getting processed instead of the unattend windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download with the correct hostname.

Also, once приведенная ссылка machine is in Windows after the CTOS action and has processed the unattend file, review the Windows logs related to unattend processing to see if there was an error processing that device name or some other indicator of an issue. The information on what logs to look at is located at this URL:. Provisioning is one of windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download things where you have to really know what you’re doing to understand the terminology, and there’s a LOT of interworking parts to make work.

Since I don’t /22880.txt your skill level, please don’t be offended if it feels like Читать статью either going windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download your head or explaining too simply – I don’t know what you know, so I don’t know what level of context is needed.

I’ll operate on the assumption that you at least know everything that is explicitly within EPM that I’ll be discussing. As such, you may need some background knowledge on how to узнать больше the unattended answer file that this requires.

The way I have accomplished what you’re asking in the past is by programming my own device name prompter. To handle this, you need to combine a couple different things, but you SHOULD be able to adapt this to better fit your process.

You’ll need to modify your Unattend. Modify your Unattend. If you’ve edited an existing Unattend. Click the browse, go to your Unattend. Then you need to modify your provisioning template. As an example, our naming convention was:. You can then split that into an array that composes of 3 parts and write those 3 parts back into the Unattend. As always, if there’s something that I больше на странице not clear on, please do let me know and I’ll elaborate where I can :.

You’ll have to do the legwork on writing the script but it is possible to do this. These articles might also help:. I follow your post, however there’s some detail missing that I don’t follow.

Windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download currently solve it by creating naming templates for each Location – 1 for destkops and 1 for laptops.

Then I have different provisioning templates that insert the correct name as well as join them to the proper OU on our domain. I’m very much trying to simplify my provisioning templates and the 2 windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download are the name and the Адрес to join on the domain. So, the name. Does it matter? Lastly, if you have any other ideas about how to automate the перейти на страницу join.

I suppose in my ideal, when the service desk user first selects the template, it prompts for specific 3 digit location and then form factor. If I could then читать статью the location Code with a specific OU, I could use the 2 bits of data they enter to automate the rest of the process.

Apologies, I should have been a bit more clear on what I meant. In the situation I described перейти, my provisioning template was laid out like the following:. That’s the ultra simplified version of my template. Basically, it boils down to getting your Unattend.

Then you have to write a script or application that is capable of searching for and replacing your “placemarker” variables with the actual value that you want. I used Inject Script because I could use the miniscan inventory data to also populate the serial number directly from the database, but you can windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download the same thing within your script using a WMI query.

When designing a script or a windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download like this, you basically have to map out every individual step that you need to take to get from A to Z. Create a list of every action that needs to happen, and then script it to happen consistently. You are provisioning a machine. You are using Device Name Prompt. The name you coreldraw suite x6 v16 activation code is windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download being used to name the machine?

I’m trying to understand why you are looking to ‘rename’ the machine rather than focus on why the process to name the machine correctly in the first place isn’t working. Name the machine ‘should’ work so I’d like to get my head around whether we’re trying to fix the wrong thing here. While I cannot speak for the OP or redpantsdvm, I can say that at my last org, we never used Provisioning’s Device Name Prompter or the Domain Join tool – we handled all that through the unattend.

We migrated from MDT to Provisioning, so it didn’t make sense to me to use a third party tool that I couldn’t control over a first party native method. So as such, I used variables in our unattend file for things such as hostname, time zone, active directory join OU, etc.

The app itself was simple – select the fields, click “Inject into Unattend. Then on first boot, all that stuff happened as part of the OOBE rather than as a Provisioning action. It was, in my completely personal opinion, simply a better way to both accomplish the same desired effect in a manner that I could more thoroughly control without having to rely on the vendors Ivanti or Microsoft to fix any potential, at-this-point theoretical bugs.

And would this GUI application code or app be something you’d be willing to share? Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it.

I’ll never claim to be a master – if I’m being completely honest, I only use C development because I want to, абсолютно revit 2019 autodesk seek free download прощения because I like to be able to justify practicing while on the clock.

But the fact is, it’s a symbiotic relationship – my org gets customized tools that help save time, and I get to play codemonkey for a few days without having the stress of working for a corporate programming gig.

The fact that I can also use that experience to help others who see the benefit in it simply makes it win-win-win. Unfortunately, the one I described was customized heavily for the company I was working for, and because it was used in our processes and branded with the company’s logos, it is theirs.

However, I developed a kind of “lite” version specifically for open-source release. I’m not certain on how well it actually works – while it says I uploaded inthe development was actually done in or I cannot accurately say that it is functional I’ve slept since the last time I tested it in WinPE and Provisioningthough it looks like it at least does compile and run the downloaded version also runs.

As stated before, it’s published as подробнее на этой странице source, so feel free to fork it, change it, and make it suit your needs. I do it this way so that people who are capable of being able to verify within the code that it is trustworthy are able to do so, and they can download the source to build on uninstall jaksta free own if they don’t trust the compiled executables on the release.

Everything is nice and transparent. Enough of the core functionality should be there that even a reasonably new hobbyist should be able to decipher what’s going on.

There are 2 different versions, x86 and x64 this was back when Dells first started shipping with UEFI in the releases, but in order to have that bitness that продолжить required in WinPE, you have to make sure you have build profiles страница both 32 bit and 64 bit individually, not the combined “Any CPU” target – WinPE 64 bit cannot do 32 bit apps, and vice versa, so make sure in your provisioning template, you either resolve that with a conditional statement OR have 2 different templates, one for 32, one for Have a question about this article?

Open up a discussion in our discussion groups HERE. Skip to Main Content. Home All Products Forum Groups. Getting Started. Expand search. Search Loading. Log in Account Management. View This Post. April 26, at PM. Is there a windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download to rename a Windows computer name during deployment?

All forum questions. Top Rated Answers. All Answers. All input is welcomed. Can I go back to the beginning? Just seen the original thread is quite old. Happens to the best of us 😀 While I cannot speak for the OP or redpantsdvm, I can say that at my last org, we never used Provisioning’s Device Name Prompter or the Domain Join tool – we handled all that through the unattend.

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Windows 10 oobe computer name prompt free download

Apologies, I should have been a bit more clear on what I meant.


Perform clean install of Windows 11 in six different ways – Pureinfotech


If you plan to upgrade a computer running Windows 10, Windows 8. Once you complete the steps, the recovery feature will continue with the reinstallation using the locally available image of Windows If you have a computer from HP, Dell, Acer, or another brand, this process will restore the original settings. This means the factory settings, drivers, applications, and tools the manufacturer included in the custom image.

The only difference is that the feature will download the installation files from the Microsoft server. The option is available to reinstall Windows 11 when the local image is not working or you do not want to use the same installation settings provided by the manufacturer. After you complete the steps, the feature will reset the computer by erasing and reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows 11 downloaded from the cloud.

You can only use this option to reinstall the same version of the OS already installed on the computer. Repeat steps 1 and 2 twice, and in the third restart, the operating system should enter the Windows Recovery Environment Windows RE.

Click the Cloud download or Local reinstall option. Cloud download: Downloads a fresh image from the Microsoft servers and performs a fresh installation. Local reinstall: Uses the locally available image to install a clean copy of Windows The All drives option will delete the data on all drives.

This option is usually recommended only when you have to decommission the device. Once you complete the steps, Windows 11 will reinstall, resolving the existing problems. The completion time will depend on your computer hardware configuration and the selected reset configuration. Starting with Windows 11, the Media Creation Tool no longer includes an option to perform a clean installation or in-place upgrade.

If you want to proceed with the Media Creation Tool, you can use it to create an installation media, and then you can launch the setup from the USB flash drive. Open Microsoft support website. Double-click the MediaCrationToolW Select the USB flash drive from the list, but make sure that it does not have any important files, as this process will erase everything on it. We hate spam as much as you! Unsubscribe any time Powered by follow. Tweet Share Submit.

Warning: When you delete a partition, it also deletes all data on the drive. Also, it is not required to delete the partitions from a secondary hard drive. Quick note: Windows 11 has multiple ways to open the Advanced startup settings. If you cannot access the recovery environment, you can use these other options. It allows configuring unattended Windows Setup settings. This step is optional used to automatically specify various parameters that must be configured when the image is at first run.

You can skip this step, and go straight to the step of capturing a Windows image. The answer file may contain the answer to each question.

This must be selected when installing Windows and choosing the initial settings region, language, product key, keyboard, account, and privacy setting, etc.

Follow the steps during the out-of-box experience OOBE. You can create an answer file manually this is simple XML. Use the ADK version for the Windows version you want to deploy. Run the adksetup. You will need install. You can copy the install. If only the install. SIM will prompt you to specify a Windows image file for which you want to create an answer file. Specify the path to the before installed install.

Wait for the SIM to mount the Windows installation image and create the catalog file. If you try to open the install. Select your Windows 10 edition. If there is only one edition of Windows in your install. Using WSIM, you can configure various parameters for the answer file.

For example, you can configure the Windows product key if you are using KMS or MAK keys , time zone, organization and owner info, default language and region settings, input locales, etc. First of all, we need to do the most important thing: to tell Sysprep to copy all our customizations to the default user profile. Right-click on it and select Add Setting to Pass 4 specialize.

Do not ask 3 security questions for your local account :. If you configured everything correctly, a message should appear in the Messages console: No warning or errors.

Now you can use your autounattend file to Sysprep your Windows 10 image. Run the elevated command prompt, and execute the following command replace the path to autounattend.

This allows you to safely deploy this reference Windows 10 image on another workstation or laptop. After executing the command, the computer will shut down. After shutting down your computer, you can capture a customized Windows 10 image using MDT.

Below we will consider the DISM option. In previous versions of Windows, the ImageX tool could be used to capture and deploy an image. Boot the computer with the Windows reference image into Windows PE. In the command window that opens, type Diskpart command. Use the list vol command to identify the drive letters.

In our example, the installed Windows image is located on drive D. Copy the wim Image file from a local disk.

Thanks for amazing detailed information. I have created my own customized version of Windows thanks to you. Thanks for a great tutorial — Windows 10 version was the last version I was able to successfully accomplish a Sysprepped image that deployed exactly the way I wanted it to.

Since then I have been unsuccessful in even getting windows to prompt the user to enter the COA Product key. With or without an unattend file, with or without entering and activating windows on initial setup, and with and without entering Audit mode on initial setup. I have tried almost every version since and none of them prompt the user for the COA Product key after running sysprep. Is this a thing, or am I missing some vital information that is not written in any tutorials?

Use unattend. If you are using different version than what the computer shipped with you have to specify the KMS key to get the correct version. Also, the ei. I start this from Task Scheduler on first logon, and make shortcut on Desktop if user miss to enter key on firs tun. Hi, what is the best way to add the answer file if you already have a install. Super informative Sysprep post. Chap Gleason Laptops for Missionaries.

Mine was 20gb with a Powershell Script that loaded my apps and files that I didtribute on every laptop. Going to go to Chocolatey based on this article. Any ideas? Audit mode is compulsory?