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Nov 18,  · Just started a new job – I have installed Outlook on my PC (connecting an Exchange mail server) and I keep getting a windows credentials box pop up asking for my email credentials. I have obviously tried entering my credentials and ticking ‘remember’, it disappears for a while and then comes back later continuously throughout the day/5(). Jan 03,  · In this scenario, you try to connect to the on-premises public folders after network connectivity is restored. However, Outlook repeatedly prompts you for your password. Resolution. To fix this issue, install January 3, , update for Outlook (KB), and then follow these steps. Important Follow the steps in this section carefully. Jun 03,  · Outlook keeps asking for password, & Credential Manager doesn’t work Microsoft Outlook asks for my password, twice, every time I start the program. I’m aware that many, many people have experienced this problem and I’ve tried many proposed fixes.

Microsoft outlook 2013 keeps asking for credentials free download.Outlook Anywhere keeps asking credentials, Exchange


I’m having a problem with Outlook asking for my credentials a few times a day for no apparent reason. Some info on my setup I have zero clue as to why I’m getting popped for credentials.

This did not happen prior to my upgrade to Office I was previously using Office Pro Plus. My credentials are always accepted, never a problem putting them in. Thanks in advance! When does the password prompt window pop-up? Have you configure other email account in this Outlook profile?

In generally, the likely reason why the password prompt for your Exchange account is because you are enable Outlook Anywhere and the authentication settings have been set to Basic Authentication. Another reason for this issue is because the Outlook setting is changed after upgrade. Please check the setting as the following screenshot:. If you have any feedback on our support, please contact tnmff microsoft. Neither always occurs though.

Sometimes is doesn’t pop upon launch, and sometimes it only pops up at launch. We’ll see if this makes a difference. I will wait to see if the change to NTLM authentication makes the difference. If if doesn’t, I will screenshot the password prompt, post it here, and recreate my Outlook proflie. I’m having the same issue. As are a couple of my co-workers.

One difference, we’re using Office with Office We are seeing the same issue as Tom Outlook is still open and receiving emails just fine in the background. Actually, something that did through the set up was to add the details for Outlook anywhere. We are having the same problem for pop-up credentials after upgrading outlook client to version.

I can see this through my ISA server I have tried some of the suggestions from previous post, but they have not worked with the exception of clearing the Http connection which limits the laptop users.

I have also found that the problem does not happen on systems that had an upgrade from to , but it happens on systems that have been imaged and Outlook installed or uninstalled and installed. I have the same question for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. I am hoping an solution was found by this time, but because I was having a similar issue, and did find a solution, I wanted to post so others get the information.

My configuration is a slightly different Win 7 and Win 8, Office for sharepoint and exchange , Office I believe the issue was a rogue calendar entry trying to sync and causing repeated credential login requests. With removing the SharePoint list from local computer all login requests stopped. Address book, email, and calendars all were unchanged. I have been testing and testing also for days, then waiting for any responses to other people’s questions on other places as well.

After some time started my own tries again. Now I fixed my issue – don’t fully comprehend it. But anyway here comes the solution that worked for me and hopefully for more of y’all Go to the Exchange account from within Outlook, click special settings, tab connection.

Make sure to UNtick both. Press NEXT and close the screens. Logout from Outlook. Restart the RDP session after some 15 seconds.

Or start Outlook if you were only in Outlook. My issue was then solved. Didn’t help. TMG loop thing strange thing that this was not happening to Outlook clients, probably uses a different way to connect whether the client is inside LAN or not. This caused a “loop” and pop-up credentials in outlook clients. Very helpful links for redirection OWA. If you have already done some manual changes for OWA redirection thru IIS on Exchange, double check if other virtual folders have redirection enabled.

They must not have it except for the default web site. I think modifying settings on OAB folder were also necessary because of the redirection. Once there, uncheck the 3rd and 4th option quick and slow networks to use HTTP connections, etc.

The rest leave it checked. Close it, save it, then hit OK and close Outlook. Log off. Log back in after 15 seconds. Start Outlook and be amazed if this has worked.

It worked for me. I migrated a client to Exchange On-line office and two stations have Office with mutliple profiles. The prompts not only ask for the password, but the username that popped up was the wrong one consistantly. If I asked for Mr. Y and so forth.

Thanks to the information above I was able to finally keeping my fingers crossed it still works in the morning get the prompt to stop asking. That did it. Now to see what impact this has. After a few seconds giving it time to close properly started it up again. I also had a user that after upgrading to Outlook was continuously prompted for credentials while trying to connect to Exchange trough Proxy from home while not logged into domain. Nothing was changed in Exchange, everything was running fine.

Ok, same issue here. Outlook works fine, but Outlook prompts on download of OAB. I can’t believe so many have this same problem, yet this remains unanswered this long. We have a Kemp load balancer in front of our CAS array. I can edit the hosts file to send clients to the CASArray members directly and that does not fix this, so it’s not the load balancer. By editing the host file and entering the IP address of the internal CAS array as the External mail host, the prompts stop.

So, for example. I cannot figure out what it is Outlook doesn’t like about connecting to outlook. I was facing the same issue with all outlook clients authenticating against exchange server.

I found that the rule on TMG that does web services ahtuentication delegation to Exchange was set to “Basic Authentication”. Okay so how do I get to this magical “Advanced” tab? I’m not working in Exchange but specifically in Outlook though it doesn’t appear to even be syncing my email so I may just scrap it altogether. I just want the constant pop up asking for me to select a profile to stop. Is that what everyone is referring to when they say it is asking for credentials.

Mine is not asking for a password or anything, just selecting a Profile. Can I ask what is your deployment? I know this is old and its probably old news and you’ve solved the problem, but I cant see anywhere that describes this solution. I have the same setup, exchange and outlook with windows 8. Everything used to work just fine with outlook and outlook , but with outlook its popup credential time.

I did all the recommended things, delete profiles, recreate virtual directories etc etc etc. By default its only got basic authentication thus the popup I guess. Internal clients work, internet clients work, all is good with the world.

The only problem is the change is temporary when it is changed in IIS. To make it permanent you need to use the Set-OutlookAnywhere cmdlet.

IF you are using outlook ! Open outlook – File – Account settings – Add and remove accounts and change I was having the same issue. Still monitoring though. Thanks for the CLUE as to what the issues might be. From your observation, you are letting us know that HTTP is still issue.

As stated in my earlier post, it still seems to be pointing to IIS and it’s permission settings.


How To Fix Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Issue.Discussion Info


The solutions can be applied to work for easily getting rid of errors concerning login credentials issues in Microsoft Outlook account. Try Outlook Password Recovery Tool to remove Outlook password prompt keeps popping up issue, click here to download: Applied to all other Outlook versions also. To overcome this Outlook always asking for password error, you can install the latest update for Outlook or Outlook You can also work around this issue by removing all previously saved credentials and force MS Outlook to use your Windows Desktop Credential if you are unable to install the latest update for MS Outlook or MS Outlook Let’s try these steps:.

Most of the non-technical users go for this method because they don’t know how to fix Outlook keeps asking for Password problem i Outlook , , , editions.

It is definitely configured for Exchange, no other user gets the pop ups literally every 10 minutes. Brand Representative for CodeTwo. Have you tried to create a new Outlook profile and configure your account in it? Profile can get corrupted too. I had this issue with a customers machine a couple of weeks ago, they had a new machine after the other one exploded and we upgraded them to Office With Outlook and it was asking for credentials every few minutes.

We checked autodiscover settings on the server, made sure it wasn’t picking any Autodiscover DNS settings from anywhere else, checked the hosts files, checked the certificates, deleting and readding the outlook profile etc. It ended up getting fixed by accident when we installed the latest service pack on exchange , we still not sure why it happened on that one machine out of the 6 they had running Outlook but it seems the service pack fixed it.

I run into this issue all the time. Change the credentials from Username userworkplace. We get this a lot and that makes it go away here too, such as mine if it looks for entire address robert. How is your Exchange configured?

Check the configuration of Outlook Anywhere: 1 Run the command Get-outlookanywhere fl. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Select the first subfolder , and then examine the data of the Account Name binary value by double-clicking the value. For example, the Account Name value points to guidopica contoso. It represents a GUID for example, c3 d1 9a 7b 80 1b c4 4a 96 0a e5 b6 3b f9 7c 7e.

Under the subfolder that you found in step 7, examine the d0d binary value. It represents a GUID for example, 5f cf d5 f1 ba 5c 6f 45 b3 57 cc 5e 0d 16 94 Under the subkey found in step 9, examine the value of the binary value. This value determines whether Outlook is using Anonymous Authentication. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services.

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