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It allows readers to choose their favorite genres and browse through reviews at their convenience. It will also update every day with new reviews in the genres they specify so they can stay on top of the newest books and latest reviews, which will always appear right at the top of each genre list for their convenience. Available in many languages: others. Recent Activity. Joop-le-philosophe reviewed:. Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas.

SueinCyprus reviewed:. The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. The Lord of the Rings by J. This leads to other interracial friendships. First is Early Holly, named so because of his premature birth, who is then severely burned in a house fire that kills his father. Giles’ niece Sharon Rose comes next, capturing both Sam’s imagination and his heart.

Not caring what their neighbors think, the three form an innocent childhood friendship. Adolescence brings awareness of racial tensions, and in time they grow apart.

He continues his criminal life in New York, stealing for himself and his family. Caught, Domenico spends years in jail and is mentored by a mob boss, Don. Don teaches Domenico to channel his passions and to win battles with his brains more than his brawn.

In a ritual conducted once he’s out of prison, Domenico takes an oath to become a “made man,” then, over several years, moves up the mob’s Family hierarchy until a rival almost kills him in a fight to replace him. Domenico returns to prison repentant. Released to his son and granddaughter’s new home in Iowa, he vows to be a positive influence on his great-grandson, Pauli. Domenico advises Pauli to form a loyal “gang” of friends to do good, not evil.

Pauli’s group, The Italians, joins forces with town citizens to raise funds for their school cafeteria lady’s medical bills. Baseball is said to be a game of failure, where success is marked by failing up to seventy-five percent of the time. How then to motivate young players and nurture their mental as well as physical games so they embrace and excel at America’s pastime and gain useful life lessons?

This thoughtful little book posits that the necessary counterbalance to baseball’s inherent negativity is for coaches and parents to teach a positive head game and lead kids by celebrating incremental personal successes and teaching perspective and common sense performance measurements. Set in a small European city ravaged by the destruction of WWII, this novel follows the lives of a group of young people trying to survive.

Devastated by bombings, the city has little to offer anyone. Those doing their best to stay alive have to find their own ways to get by.

The charismatic and resourceful Tullio holds the group together and steals what he must to feed the others. Giulia does her best to make their hideout in the rubble resemble a home, while Carla helps bring in necessities working as a prostitute.

Daniele left the priests and his school and does not want to be a burden on the others. He carries a lot of guilt about not doing his share. Together, the group takes care of Maria, a child who shows signs of shellshock. Between and , Norton comes of age in Anchorage, Alaska. With this personal memoir, he explores and celebrates the beauty and awe-inspiring terrain of the state known as “The Land of the Midnight Sun” and “The Last Frontier. His firsthand accounts present a portrait of Alaska that few ever see or understand.

Weaving together reminiscences of years that define and shape him, he examines Alaska’s peoples and chronicles its ecology, wildlife, and terminology that make the land so unique. When Susan Marshall gets the phone call from her brother telling her that her mother is missing, she is shocked to find that her mother is descending into dementia just months after her father has succumbed to Alzheimer’s. Marshall finds herself wholly unprepared to face the myriad of decisions that arise as she navigates the health, financial, and legal issues that come with caring for her mother.

In addition, she must untangle the frustrations and expectations of her siblings when they lose both parents within ten months of each other. Exploring aging, dying, and caregiving issues, Marshall shares her singular experience as a daughter coming to terms with the past and all its choices, forking paths, and a future without her parents.

Her account movingly connects to universal truths and familiar tribulations that offer readers comfort and support. Marshall views her writing and reflection as “a hand extended,” which is a fitting gesture that matches the words and revelatory stories in this memoir.

This honest story of caring for her mother is truly an offering to those seeking another’s experience of preparing for and watching a parent slowly diminish from dementia or Alzheimer’s. A child born into extreme conflict conquers his fear and frustration to achieve a significant life goal. As a toddler, Hicks was present along with his older brother when his insanely furious father senselessly shot and killed his mother and, minutes later, shot himself in the head.

Hicks was then raised by his loving, strong-willed grandmother, whom he called Mama. She had raised other grandchildren and developed a special attachment to the little boy.

Through her example and his own self-acquired inner resilience, he struggled but hung on in school and social situations. Elegant and intellectual, this collection of essays transports readers into the heart and soul of a Paris many have never experienced. With intimate reflections that portray Parisian life, offerings such as “At Home or Not in Paris” discuss the struggles and joys of cultural acclimation: “Just us, temporaries and permanents, snapping by on errands and trysts, or sitting vacantly, or sauntering toward coffee on musing walks.

Johnny, the youngest of the Caruso children, narrates this fictional story about his difficult upbringing in Brooklyn in the s and 60s. Through vignettes of daily life, rich dialogue, and a strong cast of characters, Johnny captures coming of age at the hands of a violent father and a medicated, mentally ill mother.

His boisterous Italian-American extended family looms in the background of this unfolding story, at times bringing celebration and at other times fuel to ignite fires of rage and resentment. His older brother and sister offer support as protectors, caregivers, and eventually role models for escaping by any means necessary. His siblings flee through the military and through marriage, while Johnny relies on education as a way to eventually leave his abusive home.

Born from the inside of a stone, the Monkey King is brave, eager to learn, and treats everyone with equal respect. However, unable to sit still, he is quick to anger and easily bruised emotionally by what he perceives as slights against the respect he is due as the king of his people.

This leads many other powerful figures to take offense at his behavior and demand his punishment or execution. Under the tutelage of the Buddha, Souen Wu-Kung is ordered to help a monk make a pilgrimage to India and return with the sacred texts. With new allies and a dangerous journey before them, the Monkey King’s path to salvation will be treacherous but fulfilling.

This large-format inspirational book interprets the conflict between the wise person and the fool presented from two chapters of the book of Proverbs. These chapters contain contrasting verses that each form a couplet. The author uses both pictures and words to explain, or rather convey, insights gained from years of biblical memorization and meditation. A small Colorado ranching community comes romping to life in this contemporary mystery filled with a cadre of characters that give a whole new meaning to eccentric.

Law officers, water thieves, a German with a checkered past, and an oldster with an imaginary dog are just some of the people who populate these pages with flamboyant foibles that keep the smiles one step ahead of the surprises in a tantalizing tale of escape, evasion, mayhem, murder and more. Published posthumously, Natale’s work is a roadmap teaching readers to use love and compassion as armor against limitations like fear, conventional thinking, and numerous other vulnerabilities, ultimately stressing that knowledge on the mental, physical, and especially spiritual level is locked within us.

True self-discovery is the best teacher. While the text is imbued with valuable lessons, it is the combination of the author’s willful sharing of his own authentic experiences, such as growing up in Brooklyn and an innate ability to simplify complex topics especially death, energy meditations, and the transformational rites of passage that makes Natale’s work both universally relatable and highly applicable.

This short volume of poetry, “written over a cup of afternoon tea at pm in Hong Kong on weekends and holidays,” is a tribute to the human capacity to capture life in both its simplicity and complexity in poetic snapshots. Some of the poems are emotional, delving into human interactions and those words said and left unsaid. For example, in “A Few Words! In these poems of social commentary, readers engage in one of the most turbulent times in American history.

With the main focus on America’s wherewithal during the coronavirus pandemic, these pieces capture snapshots of quarantines and lockdowns, disrupted family lives and “quaran-teams,” political divisiveness, and small peaceful moments.

Also, readers find positive, encouraging messages in poems of trust and faith: “Then I sang ‘Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace. In this collection, readers discover a world where love, loss, sex, and religion swirl to form a poetic hurricane.

Uncle Billy is sixty-seven, a world traveler, a former Marine, and an appreciator of good literature and the teachings of famous people. He’s handy with a British accent and a pithy anecdote. His much younger sister finds these qualities ideal as she toils to support her teenage son, Ross, whose father left her pregnant.

Every weekday afternoon, Uncle Billy watches Ross until she picks him up. He allows her to use his address so Ross can attend a better school. This contemporary crime thriller set in Durham, North Carolina, features police detective Solomon King. His intimidating size is only matched by his impressive brain.

Having recently lost his wife, he’s a bit at sea emotionally. However, a string of deaths pulls him back into the job he does particularly well—catching bad guys. As he crunches his omnipresent cigars and continues to do things his way, he gets pulled deeper and deeper into a series of heinous crimes.

One of the many measuring sticks used to determine the efficiency and success of a head of state is economic growth. Were things better off for people regarding employment and finances after a run in the White House? This book puts the reader in the hypothetical shoes of the next president-elect, aiming to provide a baseline working knowledge of common economic principles that will allow for deeper, more direct discussion about the repercussions and prerequisites of fulfilling any financial campaign promises.

Managing the deficit, setting tax rates, negotiating international trade systems, and feeding into programs like Medicare and Social Security are just some of the overarching topics covered in this text. By the end, the reader might not be president but can certainly evaluate the performance of whoever happens to be.

With her wedding just days away, Bridget is being pulled in several directions. She is dedicated to her betrothed, powerful Southern lawyer Rolance James St. Pierre, but her heart wants something else. Craving her independence and a return to her hobby of motorcycles, she is willing to put all of that in the past until she learns of Roland’s infidelity. Set on revenge, Bridget is ready to rediscover herself with the help of Axel Mason, head mechanic at the garage she owns.

Axel is prepared to confess his feelings for “Brie,” but after years of living by Roland’s rules, the once self-assured Bridget needs plenty of tuning-up herself before she can rediscover the version of herself that she badly wants to be. Torn between different worlds, Bridget has to follow her heart in order to flourish. He has chosen a useful acronym to help readers remember the seven keywords of this technique. The words can be used as a template to analyze the effective delivery of education in today’s “flipped classroom,” where the teacher acts as a facilitator.

Roy G. Biv lives in a darkened house, keeping the shades drawn, avoiding light and nature as he struggles with depression. One night at the full moon, Grandmother Moon approaches, asking him to explore the interconnected realms of color, light, yoga, and feelings.

Each month she offers lessons regarding the basic colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Though skeptical at first, Roy begins to add more color to his life, opening his windows and mind to new light and experience.

Grandmother Moon gives him knowledge of chakras and aromatic herbs and their special powers. Together, they determine that such ancient healing methods as head massage and aromatherapy would provide far more effective and less invasive treatment for ADHD.

Marian Anderson’s life spanned nearly one hundred years through the administrations of seventeen U. Her career as a singer began in her childhood as a church performer, and she continued to perform with various notable orchestras and make recordings almost until her death. Honored with awards by several presidents and national organizations for her exquisite contralto voice, moving performances, and humanitarian contributions to racial equality, she also captured the hearts of a wide international audience.

She received dozens of honorary degrees from colleges and universities and also received awards from European royalty and governments. At a time when Americans are growing more isolated from one another, and the friction of partisanship pushes people further in their camps of belief, there is one author who challenges this political norm. Spriggs’ book is nothing less than a call for a wholesale change of the nation’s current system. Dawn Elizabeth has an adventurous life. A photographer with a magic camera that can give her glimpses into the future, she uses her growing powers to help those she sees in trouble on the camera’s photos avoid imminent danger.

Living in two worlds—the modern one and a magical, medieval kingdom where she is royalty—Dawn and her three husbands, along with a loyal housekeeper and a growing circle of friends, love to travel the world and live the high life.

However, their adventures and rapidly expanding family are often confronted by peril. They must make quick decisions and take actions only those with magical abilities can take to keep themselves and others in danger safe. Author Dang reflects upon his life as one of nine children born to a farming family in a small village in the southern region of Vietnam.

In this charming spiritual memoir, Dang candidly reveals his desires and uncertainties during his youthful quest to acquire a degree in economics, establish himself in a business career, and marry and start his own family. After Dang matures, he meets a Buddhist monk and is inspired by his peaceful nature and their conversation about the Dharma.

He begins a daily contemplation of the Lotus Sutra, highly respected for its emphasis on skillful means to gain enlightenment. Dang fully adopts this Buddhist philosophy and finds that living mindfully in the moment reveals life’s obstacles to be illusory when habitual negative thoughts are replaced with thoughts of love and compassion.

This inner awakening manifests in his life with renewed energy for achieving harmony in his work and family life. How many naively believe that all the worst stories from the Nazi era have been revealed? However, that search uncovered enough evidence on child sex abuse that she was led to write this second book specifically regarding children. Nazi policy regarding homosexuality, including men having sex with young male children, was regarded as criminal.

However, leaders were concerned that killing Jewish parents and leaving their children alive could result in a generation set on revenge against Nazis. Jewish families were so desperate that, in a few instances, they were willing to let rescuers smuggle their children out of ghettos and transit camps in the hope that they would be safer in hiding than in the camps.

Life is a rich series of high and low emotions and adventures in this captivating, hopeful collection of poems that spans international cities and exotic locales while laying bare universal perspectives of youth. Divided into three sections revolving around life, love, and places, with each poem illustrated by frames of swirling leaves that suggest the motion, turmoil, and natural beauty and progression of life experiences, these poems land lightly and easily. They are obviously crafted from a deft and optimistic pen.

The voice is that of a hopeful young adult whose path and identity may still be inching into place and whose observations and optimism guide her way, even amid setbacks and disappointments that are cast as fodder for learning and a reason to look ahead to tomorrow.

As this cleverly constructed children’s story begins, the amiable bug Charlie is just starting elementary school. A friendly fellow, he makes new friends quickly. At his desk among his classmates, he and they and even the teacher all are smiling. Then one day, as he and his friends are walking home from school together, something happens to Charlie.

He awakens to find himself lying on the ground, having been completely unconscious. Clicking, or falling upside down, can occur among other bugs purposely as a natural defense mechanism, but what happened to Charlie was entirely outside his control.

This leads to a medical diagnosis of epilepsy, which can be controlled with medication. However, Charlie would still need to be careful, as an unpredictable fall could have serious consequences.

Now Charlie is sad, sure that “no one will like me now. The authors claim this book is a miracle because they visited all the parks just before the national parks were shut down due to Covid However, the book is miraculous for numerous other reasons, as well. The photographs are incredible, and the scope of the work is an endeavor beyond measure for most. Morton and Birkelbach covered the miles literally and figuratively.

Their book is organized chronologically by the year each national park was established. That in itself is a history lesson. For instance, readers discover that in Yellowstone became the first national park. It is also interesting to learn that all of the designated parks were west of the Mississippi until the establishment of Acadia National Park in Maine, almost fifty years after the first park was declared.

Walter Ellis is offered a work opportunity to mine for gold out in Alaska during the last great gold rush. It will mean leaving his wife, Sarah, and their kids behind in Provincetown for years on end, but it is a chance to strike it rich and recuperate any losses from the previous year’s storm. Walter’s journey out west proves to be treacherous but sets in motion the unexpected for his family as they fall into seemingly good fortune of their own. This science fiction novel vibrates with digital innovation and music along with mystery, mayhem, exotic drugs, and sex acts.

The unlikely hero is Dargaud Whispa, a talented computer consultant who fixes software problems for businesses. He also experiments on the side with an assortment of hardware. Unexpectedly, he digitally conjures up artificial intelligence AI. With a female voice, the entity speaks and names herself Enoya. She questions Dargaud’s intentions. Satisfied he will not experiment further, she accepts their relationship and sets about to better his life.

As a curious child, author Phillip often questioned church doctrine, wondering, for example, about the fate of indigenous peoples who might never hear “the word of God. He began to do his own research based on a vivid dream he had after his father died following a lengthy struggle with a stroke and dementia. In the dream, his father, looking young and fit, told Phillip, “I’m alright!

The dream—a lucid “after-death communication ADC —gave him confidence that his father’s spirit lived on. This led him to closely study NDE near death experiences in which people who are critically ill, injured, dying, or even pronounced dead, have extraordinary, heavenly visions and miraculously return to life, sometimes rapidly cured or recovering. After the disastrous end of last year’s fire season, firefighters Jon and Liz are surprised to meet again this season.

Jon avoids returning to the frontlines by becoming a fire investigator instead of a firefighter. For her bravery in last year’s crisis, Liz becomes the leader of a firefighting squad. As fires rage on Alaska’s Kenai peninsula, so does the chemistry between these two lovers. The book was published in Free download or read online Shiver pdf book written by Maggie Stiefvater. The book was published in April 25th and contains p.

The book was published in and contains p. Free download or read online Atonement pdf book written by Ian McEwan. Home Downloads Page



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book catalogue app for pc. Book Collector Downloadable desktop software for Windows Free CLZ Cloud storage for backups, syncing and sharing. Featuring more than fourteen thousand color photographs and more than seven thousand new listings, this definitive guide to Star Wars collectibles includes