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Here is what you should do: using an alternative – MiniTool ShadowMaker to protect the PC safety or take action to fix this issue. In your hard drive, there has already been a hidden partition from the factory to store the system image file, the OneKey Recovery system program files as well.

For the purpose of preventing mistakenly deleting the recovery partition , the partition containing OneKey Recovery essential files is invisible in Windows Explorer by default, which explains why the hard drive shows less available disk space than the stated capacity. Although it is of great help to use OneKey Recovery software to perform a system recovery when something goes wrong with your computer, sometimes Lenovo OneKey Recovery doesn’t work as you expected.

The following are some common causes:. If something is done, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is not working – you are unable to back up Windows and restore the system properly, then what you should do is finding an alternative solution that compensates for these shortcomings.

For backup and recovery purpose, many PC users utilize third-party programs. And the main reason for this is the ease of use and powerful features. One of the best free backup software in this regard is MiniTool ShadowMaker. To safeguard the PC well, you can use the Trial Edition of this software to achieve your goal. Free Download. The following is the step-by-step guide. Make advanced settings: MiniTool ShadowMaker has extra features that Lenovo OneKey Recovery doesn’t have, such as being able to automatically back up your computer and only create backups for the changed or added data called incremental and differential backup.

After introducing so much information about system backup, are you interested in this free backup software? Step 2: Run MiniTool ShadowMaker and go to the Restore interface where you need to choose the system image to restore. If the system image is not listed in the following interface, please click Add Backup to find and add a proper one.

Note that the drive letters may be different from what they are in Windows. Step 5: Please decide which disk you want to restore the system image to. After clicking the Next button, MiniTool ShadowMaker will tell you which partitions will be overwritten during the recovery process. Step 6: After clicking the OK button, this Lenovo recovery software will start performing the recovery operation. Just wait patiently.

Now, all information about this Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative has been shared with you. Some of you still want to use OneKey Recovery in Lenovo to create a system backup and perform a system recovery.

To make it work normally, you should take measures to fix this issue. As the Lenovo company says, to use the feature of the OneKey Recovery system, a hidden recovery partition from the factory has been created to store the system image and program files. When starting a recovery, the system image will be recovered to C drive. Below, we will tell you the solutions to some common situations.

Sometimes you may not delete anything, but use all the unallocated space. As a result, Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working occurs. This program loads up, but an error message – ” The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may have to recreate the partition to continue ” appears.

To put it simply, this happens when the partition’s attribute is changed automatically. To solve this issue, you need to enter the console with elevated privileges run CMD as administrator and perform the following operations:.

This method is suggested by some users from the Lenovo forum, so you can have a try. Sometimes an error message comes up saying, ” One Key Recovery partition has damaged, so do not launch the main application. If you are also facing this problem, you can choose to make a new backup image to dump in the recovery partition. Step 4: Figure out if all partitions have the right letters.

Then, type dir c:. Step 5: Figure out which drive letter the recovery partition adopts. If it is the G: drive, just type g:. Step 9: Wait patiently for the backup to finish and you will see a message – ” Backup Success Step Close the Command Prompt and then you can reboot the computer or test your recovery image.

If this seems to be complex, for more information, refer to this forum: How to restore Onekey Recovery function after changing partition size. Step 1: Purchase a recovery disc and insert it into your computer. Step 2: Start the computer and continuously press F12 at the Lenovo logo screen until entering the Boot Manager. Step 4: And then, follow the instructions to perform a recovery process.

This will be the easiest way. Remember to back up your important files first of all to avoid data loss with MiniTool ShadowMaker that has been mentioned above. In summary, the Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working issue is very annoying. Just try the above ways to fix it. This freeware enables you to more easily and effectively keep your PC safe and perform a quick disaster recovery in case of system crash.

Just download it on your Lenovo computer for a try. On the other hand, if you have some other methods to fix the Lenovo OneKey Recovery not working issue or some questions regarding MiniTool ShadowMaker, leave your ideas in the comment box or send an email to [email protected].

Download Shadowmaker. Solve It Now! Languages: Deutsch. Tip: 1. In addition to system backup, this Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative can help you to back up files and partitions, as well as disks. Here, you can enter the Source section to choose the entire system disk to create a hard drive image.

You can choose one based on the actual situations in the Destination section. Note: In case that your computer encounters serious problems and cannot boot in the system, after creating a system backup, it’s highly recommended to continue creating a bootable disc or USB drive with the Media Builder feature in the Tools page so that you can boot the PC from the disk and do a system restore.

In Windows, you can double-click the OneKey Recovery icon to launch this program and then create a system backup. If the PC fails to boot, press the NOVO button that is usually located on the side or near the power button of the laptop. Can I uninstall Lenovo OneKey recovery? Lenovo OneKey recovery cannot be uninstalled because of many other issues. If the uninstallation is not complete, many problems may also be triggered. Thus, you should ensure that you completely uninstall this program and remove all of its files.

Try These Ways. Generally, this button is near the power button on the upper left corner. How do I reset my Lenovo laptop without losing data?

Choose Keep my files. Choose your account and enter the password. Click the Reset button to start the resetting operation without data loss.



Download onekey recovery lenovo windows 10.The best Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative – Eassos System Restore


And the later one is easier and has stronger compatibility. You just need to press F11 key after restarting and you will go to the hidden recovery partition.

To be honest, Lenovo one key recovery is very useful, especially when your computer is in the event of disaster. However, it still has some disadvantages you cannot ignore. The recovery partition will be unavailable, especially after reinstalling system, resizing disk space, etc.

The latest backup will override your previous backup. It only keeps the most basic utility and applications during the restoration. That’s to say, the installed programs and personal data on the system partition will be lost. Besides, this recovery tool will not work as usual sometimes. And it will throw you an error message, such as, current system cannot support backup, driver initialization failed, f11 key not working , etc.

Keep reading below to get details. But if your computer is unbootable, you need to use OneKey recovery in Lenovo laptop or desktop with “Novo” button. To backup Lenovo laptop or desktop, just click “System Backup”. To factory reset Lenovo, click “System Recovery”. The detailed steps are below. Note: The Novo button is used to boot your computer in recovery mode and start the recovery program.

In general, this button is on the upper left corner of the Top nearby the Power button. Then, click on ” System Backup” in the main page. Select the backup destination and type backup notes for distinguish, then click “Next”. Click ” Start” and wait until the process is finished. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to configure the settings. Note: To use Lenovo OneKey recovery without losing data, you need to backup files on the system drive Before clicking the “Start” button.

Support changing the disk space of system drive and making full use of the unallocated space. And these operations will not affect the recovery partition. Be user-friendly. For example: the software has a clear interface, or offers different users with different version. Support quick system recovery.

This software has a special keyboard key, F11 or A, which is used to boot your computer when something goes wrong. Like all the branded OneKey recovery tool, you need to create a system backup first, and then restore your computer with the bootable backup.

Here are the steps to create a bootable backup using Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative. Then, you will see its main page. Click on ” OneKey System Backup ” at the left side. Note: If you want to backup system to other locations, please tick the second option.

Click ” Advanced” to preview the backup effect, and then tag on “Start Backup”. After the process, a shortcut of recovery option will be generated. Its new feature ” Recovery Environment ” can help you restore your computer easily and quickly without booting into Windows, and you can choose to restore entire hard drive or system partition per your needs.

What’s more, it supports restoring old computer to new computer with dissimilar hardware restore. By comparison, the third-party tool is easier. And you could backup system to external hard drive if your local disk is very small. More so, adjusting the partition size of system disk or using unallocated space does not affect the recovery partition.

Why not give it a try? Just download the free-trial one key recovery software to protect you system right now. How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery function? How to create a system backup with Lenovo OneKey Recovery? To create an intial backup with one key recovery: 1. How to use “Novo” button to restore Lenovo laptop or desktop? To restore your backup with “Novo” button, use the following steps: 1.

Support compression and encryption backup image. Support restoring all the installed programs and data on the system drive. How to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative?

Free Backup Software. Still Need Help? Have your problem been solved? If not, please input query in the search box below.