Mining Education



Mining contributes to our economy, to people and communities and is an engine of growth that transforms our mineral resource endowment into wealth and prosperity generated and shared throughout the province and around the world. By supporting and encouraging exploration and mining we can better realize the value proposition that the mineral industry offers our world.


From the highways we drive on, to the communication networks we engage with, to the cars we drive, to the house we live in, to the television in our living room, mining is the bedrock of our everyday activities. Mined products are required to build highways, electrical and communication networks, housing, vehicles, consumer electronics and many other items essential to modern life. 


Minerals and metals are also essential for developing clean energy, whether the source is nuclear, wind or hydrogen. Wind turbines for example, are made from nickel alloys. So are the gas turbines, shafts and fuel injectors used in small biogas projects. Because nickel is strong and resists corrosion, it is well suited to air pollution reduction hardware and renewable energy infrastructure.


Below are pdf. advertisments from The Mining Association of Canada which illustrate how mining is present in our everyday lives and in the tools we use. Please note the messaging is directed at Canadian audiences.


PDF. Ads Source: The Mining Association of Canada, Canadian Mining Ads