Altius Minerals Corporation



Altius is a natural resource project generation and royalty business based in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.


Altius is focused on the mining and resources sector through prospect generation, and the creation and acquisition of royalties and investments. The Corporation has a strong financial position with in excess of $300 million in assets including nearly ~$175 million in cash and no debt. Altius owns an effective 0.3% net smelter return in the producing Voisey’s Bay nickel-copper-cobalt mine located in Labrador, Canada and has numerous active mineral exploration agreements principally in eastern Canada targeting a variety of mineral commodities. In addition, the Corporation holds investments in junior exploration and development stage companies. The Company prefers to generate partnerships or corporate structures related to the opportunities it generates, which results in the Corporation carrying minority and non-operating project or equity interests and/or royalty interests. Since inception in 1997, our business model and operating philosophy have consistently delivered increased value for shareholders of Altius through cyclical market conditions. The company has built a solid reputation around its percentage of successful mineral project generation initiatives that it intends to further build upon. Looking forward, the strategy of the company is to continue to grow and innovatively manage the project generation business with a view to profiting from minority project and equity interests, while adding to the internally-generated long term royalty portfolio. The strategy also extends to seeking third party royalty acquisitions and other investment and merchant banking opportunities, in recognition of the large accumulated cash balance of the company. These two pillars -- intelligent asset investment and project generative exploration -- will be the hallmarks of Altius’s success over the next several years.