Adrok uses advanced Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR) technology to supply pioneering geophysical services for the location, identification, mapping, and exploration of subsurface natural resources.


Adrok provide a non-invasive geophysical survey of sites leading to more accurate searches for natural resources while saving exploration companies money because of the system’s speed and accuracy. 


Our ADR technology is a non-destructive process that requires less staff and energy to obtain similar results currently gathered through other techniques.  The system penetrates materials to determine what is below the earth’s surface providing fast and accurate results that help a resource company determine whether to develop an area. The Adrok process costs a fraction of the normal drilling cost for test wells.



ADR has proven to map sub surface geology and accurately locate and precisely identify elements and materials to depths in excess of 4,000 metres. The system can substantially de-risk drilling programs and has the capacity to remotely identify ANY material. This means that it has a proven capacity to answer sub-surface related questions that no other technology can help with.