Cabo Drilling (Atlantic) Corp.

709-673-3801 (Atlantic Branch) 604-984-8894 (Head Office)


Cabo Drilling Corp. is an international mineral and specialty drilling services provider headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia with division offices in key mining districts across Canada and internationally:


•Cabo Drilling (Atlantic) Corp. of Springdale, Newfoundland
•Forages Cabo Inc. of Montreal, Quebec
•Cabo Drilling (Ontario) Corp. of Kirkland Lake, Ontario
•Cabo Drilling (Pacific) Corp. of Surrey, British Columbia
•Cabo Drilling (America) Inc. of Nevada, United States of America
•Cabo Drilling (Panama) Corp. of Panama City, Republic of Panama
•Balkan States Drilling Corp. of Tirana, Albania


With active operations in seven countries and over 250 employees, Cabo Drilling is focused on serving the needs of its clients, not only in mineral exploration hot spots throughout North America, but also in Albania, Panama and Colombia – gateway locations with exciting opportunities for growth in Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.


Cabo Drilling has worked together with its clients to meet their needs in the jungles of Panama and Columbia, the deserts of Mexico and United States and the mountains of the Canada and Albania; key mineral exploration and mining regions with varied landscapes, unique operating environments and diverse cultures. Cabo is pleased to offer its planning, logistics and operational expertise to clients throughout the world, providing custom drill programs that meet the needs of our clients wherever they are located.